The Idea

A moment of quiet in a busy day….I am for once looking ahead out of necessity…a plan is unfolding….an idea that has been nurtured for many a moon…time to set it free….it will only work if YOU help it too…it’s designed to raise money for two charities close to my heart Wiston Lodge and Stainsby Festival.
Stainsby is where I facilitated my first ever community drum circle in 1999 and I have been going back every year since…There is a chance to buy the land so that the festival can be held in perpetuity for this community. I wanna help.
Wiston as you may or may not know is where I now live and work and we need every penny we can get in these difficult economic times to continue doing the amazing work we do.
My target will be £5000 for each Charity as a minimum.
The Plan is to run (well drive with a van full of drums actually) a drum circle marathon…beginning at John O Groats and finishing at Lands End. I will begin early July and facilitate 26 evening community drum circles along the way….one per evening….I have a route in mind…it will pass through both Wiston and Stainsby Festival as well as towns and cities occupied by YOU the UK drumming community…the whole project will eventually go up on ‘Just Giving’ as a sponsorship ting’…this is going to happen…we have 26 locations planned and 20 of them already have committed local contacts waiting to move into action ( as of Jan 20)…the rest will follow soon…watch this space.

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