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I’m lovin the positive response already to the Drum Trek idea ( Thanks Bazza..think you nailed it mate)…so whilst the iron is hot….here is the plan…formative as it is….26 circles in 26 days…John O Groats to Lands End ( downhill innnit) I’m not gonna get into too much detail right now but throw out a list with a place and a name…if you are on the list I want/need your help with venue/ organising/a bed for the night/food/whisky 🙂

If you are in send me an email entitled drum trek and a message saying ‘I’m in’ to

I can’t be too flexible with the route or dates as it all has to fit around the Stainsby Festival dates in the middle so if you cannae help/are on holiday/doing something else then please nominate someone in your area or close by who might step up and help.

I’ll be asking the contact to find a venue ( free if poss…Charidee) and help promote in the locality…If you are a DCF then you’ll be jumping in the circle too I would hope. The ‘money raising part’ will happen online but we will ‘Magic Hat’ the gigs for fuel costs to the next venue.

Here is the planned Route, proposed dates and ‘please can you help me’ contact list….ooooohhhh….exciting:

YES means agreed dates. I will update this post as we go.

July 3rd am…Start at John O Groats: Me, film-maker????, general public or whoever is there…not counting as a circle….

Then in the evening of each of the next 26 days….

1. July 3rd Findhorn Carol Scorer YES

2. July 4th Aberdeen Magi Molinas YES

3. July 5th Edinburgh Mowley Chris YES

4. July 6th Glasgow Jane Bentley YES

5. July 7th Wiston/Biggar Wendy Johnstone YES

6. July 8th Carlisle Nicola Didsbury

7. July 9th Newcastle Simon Wood YES

8. July 10th Harrogate Roger Dodger

9. July 11th Hull Mary Cryan YES

10.July 12th Leeds Oliver Twist Parker ( Steve Parker)

11. July 13th Hebden Bridge Brian Toberman Holly Marland YES

12. July 14th Preston/Blackpool Alison Macfarlane

13. July 15th Liverpool Robert Goux YES

14. July 16th Manchester Jonathan Hodgkinson YES

15. July 17th Sheffield Steve Collinson Rivers

16. July 18th Stainsby Fest YES

17. July 19th Stainsby Festival YES

18. July 20th Nottingham Barry Wakefield

19. July 21st Birmingham Jude Winwood Tim Birks-Kindred YES

20. July 22nd Aberystwyth Bev Dimmock

21 July Swansea Boyd Erlam YES

22 July Cardiff Aaron Meli

23. July 25th Bristol Ben Lawrence

24. July 26th London Ray Watters YES

25. July 27th Brighton Rupert James Morgan YES

26. July 28th Lands End Jo Eccleston YES

Everyone invited to this…maybe a wee event in Cornwall to finish off???

This is a big project and will take some organising so I would appreciate you jumping in or nominating someone asap.

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