India Part 1: Landing

I left Germany on Feb 12th and headed for Paris for a short stopover en route to Bengaluru Airport. Many of India’s place names are being reclaimed from the colonial days when place names were changed to make them easier to pronounce for the English. The flight from Paris was just under 9 hours so plenty of time for movies and eating.

No sleep.

I landed was met in the warm night-time heat by Roberto and Vasundhara, my fellow VMC Global Trainers from the Community DrumJam Foundation, India, my hosts for the duration of my stay.

We headed off into the traffic, a cacophony of toots and beeps that had a kind of call and response motif to this drummers ears. Nada Brahma. The World is Sound. After our drive we sat and connected over a nice Indian Single Malt before I hit a welcome bed. 3 hours later Jet Lag woke me up. It would be a day or two before I felt ‘normal’

Come the morning we sat on the balcony drinking coffee and listening to the birdsong and waking traffic create a uniquely Indian chorus. Red kites called out their song as they swooped from the deep blue skies around us.

The next morning we headed into the rush hour traffic to go run a workshop for a school. It was an experience getting there and being there all in the foggy haze of jet lag!!! Here is a collage creted by the Swasti Health Catalyst organisation we worked alongside.

My next day was a free day before we headed off to the Playshop Venue so I took the opportunity to walk and shoot with my new nifty Olympus.

Out into the stifling midday heat I stepped , like the Mad Dog that I am. I could write about the sights, sounds, smells and sensations that engulfed me but for this blog I’ll let my pictures tell the story.

Part 2 of the India Blog will look at our amazing Playshop experience.

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