DrumTrek Days 16/17

Having already pitched my tent prior to the Sheffield circle, I was able to land well at Stainsby Festival and hook up again with my partner in crime Nessa, who brought the contents for the space I had erected. Teamwork 😉 This was always going to be a significant stop on the Trek and oh... Continue Reading →


Will now be made possible due to this funky little gizmo called gopro.....during Drum Trek, I will update you daily with thoughts, mumblings, grumblings and drum circle footage. Cool huh? You know what's even cooler...it's called The Hero....and I'm taking it on a journey....remember what Joseph Campell said: If you follow your bliss, you put... Continue Reading →

A consignment of kit from the lovely folk at REMO landed here at Wiston Lodge this week. It'll serve it's main function as our UK Playshop kit for future trainings and for Mentoring support but will also have an outing on my upcoming DrumTrek. I may even be persuaded to part company during the Trek... Continue Reading →

Venue and location updates

DrumTrek is taking shape. Here are a list of confirmed venues, times and contacts for a drum circle near you. Still a few TBC's but we'll have those for you shortly. Drum Trek is an idea that has sat with me for a while now.... I often dreamed about taking the van and the drums... Continue Reading →

The route

I'm lovin the positive response already to the Drum Trek idea ( Thanks Bazza..think you nailed it mate)...so whilst the iron is hot....here is the plan...formative as it is....26 circles in 26 days...John O Groats to Lands End ( downhill innnit) I'm not gonna get into too much detail right now but throw out a... Continue Reading →

The Idea

A moment of quiet in a busy day….I am for once looking ahead out of necessity…a plan is unfolding….an idea that has been nurtured for many a moon…time to set it free….it will only work if YOU help it too…it’s designed to raise money for two charities close to my heart Wiston Lodge and Stainsby... Continue Reading →

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