DrumTrek Days 16/17

Having already pitched my tent prior to the Sheffield circle, I was able to land well at Stainsby Festival and hook up again with my partner in crime Nessa, who brought the contents for the space I had erected. Teamwork šŸ˜‰ This was always going to be a significant stop on the Trek and oh... Continue Reading →

DrumTrek Day 14

The morning was a slow and easy one with a bit of blogging and then a sunny cafe breakfast out on the streets of Hull. A little bit of Guitar playing with Donna and a new practice exercise called the Spider ( fingering up and down the fretboard) and I was on my way along... Continue Reading →

DrumTrek Day 13

After a wee stop over at the Hebden Bridge base camp it was back to the road again. Thanks to Nessa for the use of the lovely space, showers and good food and company. I was up and away early at 0700 and heading for Stockport on the outskirts of Manchester, where I had a... Continue Reading →

DrumTrek Day 11

DrumTrekĀ  Brighouse was only a short hop from Hebden Bridge, which is acting as my kind of base camp for the few gigs within spitting distance. Because of that I had a lie in and a slow morning meditating and doing my stretching routine. I had agreed to do an afternoon drum circle session with... Continue Reading →

DrumTrek Day 10

I got up before the circle was due to start at 11.00am and parked the van next to the Community centre at Salem and then headed back up to Nessa's for a bit of brekky. I walked back down to the centre and met Brian Toberman, my local organiser and friend and we unloaded the... Continue Reading →

DrumTrek Day 9

I awoke on a sunny morning at the Dear Tribe residence in Hebden Bridge on Windsor Road. Easy start to the day with a relaxing breakfast with Nessa. On the road at midday and heading for The Bombed Out Church in Liverpool. We met up with Robert Goux, our man on the ground and were... Continue Reading →

DrumTrek Day 8

I began the morning with a sleep in...a rare treat. Slowly got into the day with meditation, breakfast and listening to a bit of Test Match Special on the radio (The Ashes series has just begun) I said goodbye to Newcastle and headed South towards Wakefield. Along the way I stopped off to visit Durham... Continue Reading →

DrumTrek Day 7

Up and away from Carlisle bright and early at 6.30am heading South for a wee diversion from the Trek, albeit of course a Rhythmical one. I had agreed to run a series of workshops for the morning at a school in the Forest of Bowland. After a bit of a faff finding the school, it... Continue Reading →

DrumTrek Day 6

I left Wiston thinking I had an 8 o'clock start in Carlisle and so planned to land for 7 and eat. En route I got a call about 6.30 from the organiser Nicola asking where I was as everyone was there waiting for the 7 O'clock start!!!! Fortunately I was only 10 mins away so... Continue Reading →

DrumTrek: The Motivation

Questions I have been asked in recent weeks? "Why exactly are you doing this? What do these two charities do?" In 1999 I went to work at Stainsby Festival, a wholly volunteer run event. I had a great time and have since become a member of the Stainsby Family that meets once a year in... Continue Reading →

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