DrumTrek Day 26

The morning of the last leg I had Breakfast at Wendy's. ( Must be a song in there somewhere)  Good strong coffee too. It's a tough life  on the road. 🙂 After brekky we took a good long walk by the sea and then I was back on the road. 20 mins later I was... Continue Reading →

DrumTrek Day 3

I waved goodbye to my hosts and set off for a stunning morning drive across The Isle of Skye. Further beauty was encountered all the way across the Highlands as I wove my way towards Edinburgh. The land is singing me a strong and powerful song to ease me along my road. I set off... Continue Reading →

Venue and location updates

DrumTrek is taking shape. Here are a list of confirmed venues, times and contacts for a drum circle near you. Still a few TBC's but we'll have those for you shortly. Drum Trek is an idea that has sat with me for a while now.... I often dreamed about taking the van and the drums... Continue Reading →

The route

I'm lovin the positive response already to the Drum Trek idea ( Thanks Bazza..think you nailed it mate)...so whilst the iron is hot....here is the plan...formative as it is....26 circles in 26 days...John O Groats to Lands End ( downhill innnit) I'm not gonna get into too much detail right now but throw out a... Continue Reading →

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