DrumTrek Day 12

I began the morning with a cup of coffee and a good ol natter with Patricia McMahon and Debbie Beirne who had stopped off in Hebden Bridge en route to Holyhead to catch a ferry over the water to Ireland. Safe home girls. Then I visited The Juju Lounge and had a fabulous massage from... Continue Reading →

DrumTrek Day 10

I got up before the circle was due to start at 11.00am and parked the van next to the Community centre at Salem and then headed back up to Nessa's for a bit of brekky. I walked back down to the centre and met Brian Toberman, my local organiser and friend and we unloaded the... Continue Reading →

DrumTrek Day 7

Up and away from Carlisle bright and early at 6.30am heading South for a wee diversion from the Trek, albeit of course a Rhythmical one. I had agreed to run a series of workshops for the morning at a school in the Forest of Bowland. After a bit of a faff finding the school, it... Continue Reading →

DrumTrek Day 6

I left Wiston thinking I had an 8 o'clock start in Carlisle and so planned to land for 7 and eat. En route I got a call about 6.30 from the organiser Nicola asking where I was as everyone was there waiting for the 7 O'clock start!!!! Fortunately I was only 10 mins away so... Continue Reading →

DrumTrek Day 4

July 6th 2015 What a busy day today. I landed in Glasgow last night after the Edinburgh gig and stopped with my very dear friend Dr Jane Bentley. We chilled and chatted and I did some video blogging and then hit the sack for a very good nights sleep. I spent a lazy morning doing... Continue Reading →

DrumTrek Day 2

An early rise to unload and repack the van meant I was ready to roll at 9am....but then the drumming started...Carol and I did a wee bit of playing and I set off about 10.30. I met up with a friend Anna Green in Inverness, who was cycling LEJOG and was having a rest up... Continue Reading →

Money money money

Sometimes a dirty word in these times of Austerity. Sometimes hard to get hold of in the world of Music and Arts where competition for funding increases with every government cut in the sector. Hence DrumTrek. Now there is no getting away from the fact that I am going to have a journey...possibly a life... Continue Reading →

A consignment of kit from the lovely folk at REMO landed here at Wiston Lodge this week. It'll serve it's main function as our UK Playshop kit for future trainings and for Mentoring support but will also have an outing on my upcoming DrumTrek. I may even be persuaded to part company during the Trek... Continue Reading →

Venue and location updates

DrumTrek is taking shape. Here are a list of confirmed venues, times and contacts for a drum circle near you. Still a few TBC's but we'll have those for you shortly. Drum Trek is an idea that has sat with me for a while now.... I often dreamed about taking the van and the drums... Continue Reading →

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