India was now almost behind me as I left Bengaluru Airport en route to Singapore for a short stop and then a hop to Perth. All in all about 10 hours of travel. I landed at midnight but the immigration desk was poorly staffed and a good 90 minutes was spent queuing to get through. I eventually made it to be met warmly by Sue Pinakis and Glenn Huxtable. I knew both from the Drum Circle Community ( both had been to Scotland Training’s) and so it was a happy reunion for all. I had a quick smoke and we headed for Glenn’s place in Darlington, up in the hills outside Perth, where I would be based for the week. Sue was going to be in and out with family responsibilities to handle too. Originally this was planned to be a full week of school workshops but Logistics and other school pressures meant it was not the best week. C’est La Vie…after India I needed a break. I had an evening class set up at Glenn’s regular group and a full day in Sue’s school to look forward to, as well as some chill time.

The downtime was really good. I had landed feeling a ton of emotion to do with my own personal story prior to leaving for this trip and so it was good to have time to sit with and embrace what was going on. Sue and Glenn were very respectful and caring, giving me plenty of space to ruminate. Good friends know when to step back and step in. The whole inner process came to a point of clarity for me during the stay and whilst there is still rawness around the heart I am moving on in a positive manner.

The week was a mixture of chilling, playing music, eating out, being on the beach and visiting Art Installations, Parks and Wildlife Sanctuaries. I got to rest and see a good bit of Perth too.

The evening class with Glenn’s Drum Group was lovely. I warmed up with a Shiko platform for improvisation and then taught the group a self penned piece I call Mende. They picked up the groove really quickly and we had a blast. Tea break was full of interesting chat and then back to the drums to close up. The evening flew by.

Really Good stuff.

The day in school was full and fun. Sue had planned a series of sessions to include everybody. A whole school assembly followed by workshops for all throughout the day. I delivered a mix of Expressive Rhythm Stories and Rhythmical Pattern work.

All sessions were very well received by both children and staff and we got to sip a beer at the end of the day. Cool huh?

I’ll remember my time here fondly even though it was short. Sitting in Glenn’s back yard with a dram and a smoke and good chat will sit with me awhile along with our trips out and evening music. Thanks both. I’m sure I’ll be back.

Talking of coming back I didn’t get to leave when I planned. I was unaware of the need for an ESTA to transit through the USA and so on Monday evening whilst I waited for my online application to be approved, I lost the race with time and my flight departed.

10 minutes later I got the approval!!!!!!

Back to Glenn’s for one extra night and some phone calls to sort out new flights and rearrange my Columbia schedule with my daughter Romany.

Two hours later I was £850 lighter but had flights booked and a new schedule for Columbia. Now heading to Santa Marta before going to Cartegena and then Bogota.

Life is indeed a dance.

Here I am sitting in the departure hall at Sydney International after a 4 hour flight from Perth,waiting to fly 13 hours plus to Los Angeles. There I wait 12 hours before a 7 hour flight to Bogota and an internal 1 hour hop to Santa Marta. Pheewww!!!!

It is 0800 Sydney time, 0500 back in Perth. Very little sleep on the last hop but hey ho…hopefully sleep will come on the long haul. which departs in 3 hours. I think I may be a wee bit pooped when I get to Santa Marta.

Here is my Australia Gallery. Enjoy.


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