India Blog Part 4: Wellness

After the epic road trip we landed in Bangalore early evening, ate, slept and jumped on a short flight to Pune and then a 2 hour drive to the Atmantan Wellness Resort where we would run a Music Medicne session and a Drum Jam circle for an organisation called RoundGlass. We had some interesting road companions!!! This shot from car window.

buffalo road

The site was nestled in a hillside close to a beautiful lake and was peaceful but very very hot. 37 degrees!!!! After some logistical issues we got rooms and settled in for the evening which included an outdoor concert featuring a flautist, keyboard, percussion and a dancer called Zia Nath, who performed a traditional piece and then a superb Whirling Sufi dance.

They were followed by an American singer songwriter who sang a few self penned numbers before we ate a late multi course dinner and sat by the fire a while before sleeping. Interesting mix and a pleasant way to spend the first night.

The following morning we set up for the Music Medicine session and ran a rhythm sanctuary piece for 25 people. Incorporating Silence, Rhythm, Harmony and Melody the group connected deeply through the use of frame drums, shakers, Pentatonic chimes and voice. It was very beautiful and a wonderful way to begin the day.


We had the rest of the day until our 5pm drum circle to rest, recuperate and connect in with other programs and presenters. Our evening group was smaller but very rhythmical and we ran the session for 30 minutes longer than planned with all 3 of us facilitating different slots. Some deep grooves ensued.

Our evening was again opened with a concert, a kind of Indian Fusion that wasnae really my cuppa tea. We were then treated to a fire twirling show that really was spectacular. So good I didn’t pick up my camera once. There were film crews everywhere, so some footage will eventually find it’s way here. So…keep coming back πŸ˜‰

Our evening was finished sat by the fire and we heard a number of folk sing including our own lovely Vasundhara. I was then pulled into the circle by a storyteller who insisted I sing with him in Punjabi, as I had ‘made’ him sing in Yoruba earlier in the day…sweet revenge πŸ˜‰

The Facebook link is not on my site so may not work. I’ll get a copy of the video sent to me so it will be here soon…so…keep coming back πŸ˜‰

The Festival was an interesting experience with many of India’s movers and shakers present. I made some good connections particularly with Zia and with Aurelio, a Sound Healer and instrument maker based at Auroville, doing amazing work through SVARAM

I plan to visit both during my next India trip and I hope to bring both these amazing artists to Scotland in the near future. Watch this space.

So that was India. I’ll be compiling a best of series of photos which will be posted at Paul Dear Photography…I’ll leave you with a Wellness Gallery and see you on the next leg in Perth, Australia.






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