One Year On……


I have spent the last couple of hours reviewing the blog and editing pictures where old mobile phone links were lost and pictures had vanished.

It has reminded me of what I did. Places I connected with. People too.

One year ago I made this Drum Trek.

All across the UK.

My experience was of a kingdom united indeed.

Connected by rhythm.

Happy to sit and play together.

Leave or Remain conversations were not in existence then. It was for some other time.


If I made the same journey this month coming would I find the same connection?

I believe I would.

Deep down behind right and wrong we are connected.

Rhythm helps us to feel that. Experience it rather than intellectualise it.

It takes us beyond our politics and beliefs. It just does.

I won’t be driving the length and breadth of the UK this next month but I will be on the road again drumming at festivals and gatherings.

I expect to find what I always find in the drum circle.







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