DrumTrek Day 26

The morning of the last leg I had Breakfast at Wendy’s. ( Must be a song in there somewhere)  Good strong coffee too. It’s a tough life  on the road. 🙂

The lovely Wendy

After brekky we took a good long walk by the sea and then I was back on the road. 20 mins later I was retracing my steps ( well half of them as Wendy met me coming back…it is starting to feel like I am meeting myself coming back now!!! ) to collect my jacket and wallet which I had left behind. Tired brain syndrome.

The drive to Cornwall was beautiful and charged with memories of the time I lived here with Ness and we had our first baby girl, Bethan. ( One of the most amazing experiences of my life) The family house we lived in in Hebden Bridge for the best part of 20 years ( and where Ness still abides) we had bought from our dear friends Jo and Steve, who moved to the Nanquidno valley in West Penwith, Cornwall where they offer holiday accommodation

We have as a family been regular visitors over the years to this wee haven. If you want peace, quiet, tranquility and stunning scenery then this is the place for you. It was fitting that they would host the last circle and that I would then get to chill on their land for a week afterwards. The circle was to be held in the centre of the town at an ancient site called Plain An Gwary which translates as The Playing Place…quite appropriate. We had a good mix of drummers and beginning beginners, including my Ma and Da, who had traveled over from St Ives with my sister Jo, her partner Carl and their two kids Daisy and Harry. It was a family affair. This was the prefect circle for the end. I did some basic facilitation but the groove was present from the start and solid all the way through. Lots of fun was had by all including passing holidaymakers 😉

At the end I had some connecting words with my Sis and with Ma and Da and I headed off to Lands End for my closing. The GoPro ran out of battery as I arrived and though I captured some footage on my phone it will not upload. Perhaps it needs to stay with me and not be public? I climbed down the cliffs and sat by the ocean and spoke some words whilst I played my drum.

The sun set over the end of my DrumTrek both literally and metaphorically.


This is the final video blog but I will sit with this journey, both the outer and inner versions, and blog one more piece in a reflective mood. I will also blog a huge thanks to the organising team of volunteers in the next 24 hours. For now I will rest and breathe in deeply this Odyssey. It is done.

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