DrumTrek Day 25

As per the last blog I began my day in Seaford at Jamie Morgan’s place.He doesn’t live in a beach hut by the way šŸ˜‰ but it’s a nice Seaford shot right?


We go back a long way and I have a lot of time and huge respect for him. He is like a brother to me and me to him. Jamie drums to pay the bills but his real passion is Rabbit Foot an evolving Blues Odyssey. Go check it out. It’s the Dog’s.

I took a walk around the town and then met up with Jamie for a good old Full English Breakfast to kick start my engine. Jamie had had some phone issues. Lost phone issues. Eventually we discovered his phone was in the Chinese Take Away but as he thought it was lost he had locked it online. Simple unlock code and all would be well. Not so.

Whilst Jamie sorted the problem I took a cliff side stroll with his son Finn, a budding photographer and film maker.

I don’t have any of Finn’s shots to share yet but here are a few of mine at my Photography Site

After the walk and an Ice Cream ( It’s the seaside) we headed into town to set up for the drumming. Parking was an issue so I left the van on the double yellows whilst we unloaded.

Jamie then suggested I leave it on the pavement as he had done for previous workshops. I reversed the van and hit a bump of some kind. I thought it was the kerb. Little bit more revs and I was up and parked. It wasn’t the kerb.

I have no idea what the lovely Remo Talking Drum was doing under my van or how it got there but it is now in need of some TLC. I’ll see what I can do.

The drumming session was a small but very lively one and once again Ray Watters and his drumming kids were in attendance as was Nicola Smith a Brighton based DCF. There was a friend of Jamie’s and a new contact for him too.

Jamie had expressed a desire for a ‘Late Night’ style session as we only had about 45minutes. An Elf once told me ‘Work with what they give you.’

So that’s what we did. Some really nice grooves emerged and we self facilitated the transition points. I lost some video footage last night ( Seaford was definitely the Gremlin leg of the tour) but had enough to compile a short video.

Finn also filmed on his camera so there will be more.

Thanks to Jamie for doing his thing and to everyone who showed up to make this a very lovely circle.

I jumped in the van and drove to Clevedon, just outside Bristol, where I now sit typing chez Wendy Doig DCF, who kindly offered a space for me to crash to break up the long haul to Cornwall.

Thanks Wendy. xxx

Mileage Today: 192

Cumulative: 3108

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