DrumTrek Day 24

I woke and meditated and was then treated to a lovely breakfast combo by Rachel. Full of goodness. Yogurt, mixed fruits, nuts and honey. Yum yum.


We then did a Life Coaching session for an hour looking at the story that has unfolded for me on this Trek and how I might honour this experience, how I will maintain my energy levels for the final push and what this might mean for me in my life going forwards.

Rachel is also a midwife and one of the interesting analogy’s to come out of the session was that when I described the journey so far and how it felt moving towards the end, she remarked how similar my language was to that of the women she supports in childbirth.

Food for thought.

It was a very deep, emotive session and I left Rachel’s feeling refreshed and invigorated.

SatNav predicted a short journey to Epsom in Surrey and was correct on this occasion. London was traffic free.

I arrived in plenty of time to grab a sandwich and get a coffee and Ray Watters and his team ( All Family) helped unload and set up. Folk arrived well before our advertised starting time and as we were set up Ray opened up early and we were off. We had a couple of blind drummers who bubbled with personality and a few folk from Ray’s work setting ( Mental Health, Special Needs) as well as families and a couple of UK Playshop Grads ( Wendy Doig, Phil Clarke)

Ray is a cornerstone of our UK Drum Circle Community and has been incredibly supportive of me on this tour. As well as hosting a circle he has traveled to Wiltshire to take part in the Pewsey Circle and will wing his way South today to DrumWithUs (see what I did there?) at the Seaford bash. Top Man. Thank You and your amazing Family ( specially the missus ;)) so much.


We pretty much grooved for a full 45 minutes with Ray holding down a furious energetic bass rhythm and facilitating from his chair in his own inimitable style.Rays voice has elements of a fairground worker in it for me and I felt like I was being taken on a rhythmical ride.

‘Roll up roll up…all aboard Ray’s Rhythmical Express…fun and games for all the family’

After  while Ray nodded me in but I declined as we had agreed before the session that Melissa ( his daughter) would get some circle time and I thought now would work. She came in and did her thing beautifully. This girl is the future of drum circle facilitation and our community. It is so great to see her in action. Watch for yourself on the video clip below.

After Melissa’s lively session I facilitated a boomwhacker piece and led a song and we were done and dusted.

We had a wee chat and I arranged a stop en route to Cornwall for the last leg at Wendy’s place.

I awoke this morning, Chez Jamie Morgan,  and noticed my cold has become an infection. My spirit is strong however and I have some downtime today and so  I will go and walk by the Ocean. I have also begun to employ the strategies for raising my energy from the life Coaching session with Rachel.

Almost There.

Mileage Today: 143

Cumulative:  2916

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