DrumTrek Day 23

After a restful morning breakfast with Alex and Emma (and Ben) I set off for London. Sat Nav said 2.25 hours so I made a wee diversion to Avebury Stone Circle. The main car park had one payment option. Full Day only @ £7. I refused on principle and found a back lane to park in closer to the lesser known stones. I sat by these beauties for some time and pondered my Trek. I was still feeling physically tired but inside I was humming.



After my brief sojourn I hit the road again. Sat Nav now said 3 hours!!!!!! Accident on the M4. My ETA was now 2.00pm.

I had been planning to drop in on my friend and life coach Rachel for 1.00pm to grab a bite and head off to the venue.Texts flew back and forth and we agreed to ‘go with the flow’

I arrived in Peckham at 2.00 and had a very delicious lunch in Rachel’s garden.

Off to the venue we set. Bold Tendencies is a cool and funky Car Park venue in Peckham, South London. A cinema, a roof top bar, workshop spaces and art installations.

Just perfect and very Tom Morley, my organiser and promoter. Tom always does things with style. Always.We go back a long way and have seen each other through tough times. Tom is as Tom as I am Paul and I love him to bits.

After much pondering over whether or not my van would fit under the Car Park barrier I decided it would. It did. Just.

One or two roof scrapes later and some ‘ooohs’ and ‘aaahs’ from Rachel and we were on the top floor and unloading into the workshop space (ship)


Tom opened up with a lively and fun drumming session and I then reset the circle and did my thing. In the middle of the drumming we took a break for Tom singing time. It was as always profoundly moving and completed by a Birthday song for the man himself.

We had players and non players in the mix and I introduced a number of connecting ways to play with my usual gentle Northern charm ( Hi to the Northern quarter…woop woop)

By the end of the session we were connected. The final piece of music can only be described as sublime. Check it out at the end of the video below ( but watch all the other cool stuff first)

Once we had packed the vehicles ( Thanks to all for the help) we headed to the roof for a drink and some Al Fresco singing.

Rachel and myself headed off on our own for the evening to have dinner and catch up. She has been a pivotal figure in my last year as a friend and coach and helped me enormously with the Trek on a motivational and visionary level.

Before I set off to Epsom today I will have a coaching session to look at the road ahead, the end of the Trek and how to frame it all. I highly recommend Rachel as a coach. Check out her website

I am tired this morning and I have a cold. I only get colds when I’m running low on energy. It’s all good though. You don’t do a marathon easily.

Top of The Mountain.

I am also noticing deep and powerful emotions around this journey.

I am tearful this morning.

Tears of joy.

So much love out there in the world.

I am blessed.

Mileage Today: 85

Cumulative: 2773


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