DrumTrek Day 22

I left Swansea at midday after a nice chill out with Boyd, Kate and Duffy and headed for Pewsey in Wiltshire and my chance to spend some time with the Miles Clan.

Alex,the son, I have met on many an occasion when training with Arthur Hull and his dad Geoff came along once to see what it was all about. Along with Mum Di they run a variety of drum related projects including one in Africa…ostensibly under the banner of  Kaya Drums and AfriKaya

My planned journey of 2.5 hours became a 5 hour slog. Wet weather and holiday traffic combined to slow the world down. Not what I wanted or needed.


For the first time on the Trek I was feeling a deep tiredness. Long drives don’t help much.

Because of the slow journey I landed, showered, grabbed a quick cup of tea and set off for the venue with Alex.

There we met Geoff and Di along with Karen who helps out with Afrikaya. I also got to meet Cozmic Dave. He has helped me design a DrumTrek T-Shirt which we will hopefully get up for sale soon. Watch this space.

Anticipated numbers were 20-25. It soon became apparent there would be more and we had a 45 strong circle in place as the drumming began. Ray Watters (Drum With Us) and his family had popped in for a visit too and I’ll be meeting them again in Epsom in 2 days time.

This was a circle of mixed ability  players and a few noobs.

It was also full of humour and happy energy. Thanks to everyone who came out to play.

We drummed, boomwhacked, percussioned, giggled, grumbled, rumbled and raised the roof and some money for Afrikaya as well as DrumTrek.

Win-Win. Everybody happy. To the Pub.

Alex, myself and Cozmic Dave enjoyed a wonderful home cooked lasagne and a fine Ale brewed in the pub. (It would have been rude to refuse ;)) and then it was back to Alex and Emma’s for a great night’s kip.

London’s Calling!


Mileage Today: 126

Cumulative: 2688



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