DrumTrek Day 20

After the Cheswick Village Green circle I headed West to hook up with long time friend and Taiko drummer James ‘Bim’ Barrow and his partner Babs. They have a son Luke who I only saw briefly, as he was unwell.

Bim and I met in Aberystwyth in the early 80’s when we were students at the University. We made a firm and fast connection that has endured over the  years, despite not getting to see each other that often. He moved to Hiroshima after college and began his love affair with Taiko.

We had some wonderful conversation and ate some great food. It was fitting for me that I connect with a Welshman on the borders of his country of birth. The perfect gatekeeper for my entry into Cymru. Here is James with both our drum vehicles.


I continued West across the border and landed in mid Wales.

I have many happy memories of my time living here and the land here holds a certain kind of magic, a vibrational thing…a song if you like…it sang me back beautifully.

I had arranged to hook up with Satch Norton, a sound alchemist and drummer.

Satch has engineered for many a band in studios and on tour. ( Another link to Gong funnily)

He knows sound. He lives with Susan Raven, author and musician. They are  wonderful couple.

Human Beings. You know the kind. Well Met. Blessed Be.

They live here. Stunning huh?


Satch teaches a group on a Tues night in Newtown ( contact him via the link above) and after a gentle landing and some delicious food ( Thanks to Susan) we headed off to Newtown, some 20 mins drive away, leaving Susan to commune with nature.

There were already two drummers at the venue…one whole hour early. Good news. More hands to unload. We set up and gradually folks arrived.

Satch and 3 of his drummers did a short welcome performance and we moved into the drum circle.

This was a wonderfully connected and inspiring circle to be a part of. I could have put up the whole circle as a video ( and I will create that later) such was the depth present. There was joy and laughter in the room and at times a quiet sense of awe. I loved every second. Thank You so much to all who came and shared their Spirit in such a beautiful way.

Here is an edit…randomly selected because choosing what to leave out was too difficult.

I woke this morning and meditated, had breakfast and went for a walk with Satch and Susan to a local lake.

Swifts treated us to a show of aerodynamic grace and beauty and as we left a squadron of Geese landed en mass on the lake.

Nature at it’s best. Inspired a Haiku.

Swifts gliding swooping

light dancers freedom in flight

my spirit follows.



This has been a wonderful stage of the Trek. Re-juvination and re-connection with this beautiful land.

Ahead lies a winding road to Swansea. Here I come.

Mileage Today: 28

Cumulative: 2425

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