DrumTrek Day 18

Monday morning. Post Festival high. Creaky bones and a lack of desire to get out of bed. Slow start. Is this a wall?

I spent the morning editing videos and blogging and then headed for Cannock Chase to run two sessions of drumming for 44 teachers on a team building day.


My good friend and DrumTrek Seaford host Rupert ‘Jamie’ Morgan had thrown me a bone a few days earlier and so I took the opportunity to put some pennies into the ‘ work’ account, which was useful, as the bulk of my time on DrumTrek is ‘non earning’ drumming.

The sessions were held outdoors and were a lot of fun.

I was done by 2.30pm packed up and so I set of towards Nottingham to hook up with my mate Barry Wakefield.

What can I say about Barry that has not already been said? He is one of my inspirations in life. Barry has full blown Parkinson’s Disease and has experienced some deterioration in the last wee while. Despite this he is still 100% focused on drumming activities and related subject matter.

He established the Therapeutic Drum Foundation and has worked tirelessly to promote the benefits of drumming in peoples lives over the years. He has attended a number of Arthur Hull training’s over the years and is a highly respected member of our international community.

Barry had organised the DrumTrek leg here and after a quick shower and some beans on toast for me, we headed for the venue to set up in plenty of time for our circle.

This was a smaller than average group for DrumTrek but included a Drum Teacher called Millar and a number of his students and some graduates of the Therapeutic Foundation.

We played some rhythmical listening games, sang some songs and had some really great jams. It was a tight night and over all too quickly.

The manager of the centre on hearing what DrumTrek was about waived her room hire fee. Thanks Amanda xxx

Barry and I headed back to his for a night of deep discussion about all things. He is such very good company and I was sorry to have to leave early because of a new Drum Trek happening that had popped up.( See next Blog)

Hopefully I can catch up again on the way back North.

Mileage today: 80

Cumulative: 2191

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