DrumTrek Day 15

After my morning blogging, Johnny and I went for a bit of scran and I said my goodbyes and headed for The Field of Dreams and Stainsby Festival to pitch my tent.


I did so quickly, dropped off some Earth from the North for the opening ceremony and then drove to Sheffield to meet up with Steve Rivers from Unbeatable Energy.

I’ve known Steve a while and we connected through both West African style drumming and Arthurian Playshops.

I had a nice bit of food with Steve, His wife, mother in law and 2 kids. His kids have soooo much energy. They take after their Dad. Unbeatable.

We set off for the school  in which the session was to be held and parked up in a Graffiti painted playground. The van loved it.


Set up was accomplished in good time with plenty of folk to help. People started to arrive and we must have had 30 or so sat playing.

We got off to a flier with some 6/8 grooving and then a lovely layered piece. Lots of drummers with experience and good ears meant our drumming was very connected.

This was a really FUN circle.

We sang a beautiful Kpanlogo song and jammed out in style. Steve finished off the session with a lovely  Boomwhacker piece, which you can see some of below.

Mileage Today:

Cumulative: 2051



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