DrumTrek Day 13

After a wee stop over at the Hebden Bridge base camp it was back to the road again. Thanks to Nessa for the use of the lovely space, showers and good food and company.

I was up and away early at 0700 and heading for Stockport on the outskirts of Manchester, where I had a school program organised.

5 x 1 hour drum circles with 30 year 7 students ( 11/12 yr olds) I had an amazing day showcasing Drum Circle Facilitation techniques, singing songs and generally larking about.

I think the kids had fun too 😉 !!!

Van loaded ( system is coming together with each unload/reload) and I was on the road to Hull and the Humber Circle which has been regularly facilitated by the amazing Donna Smith.


Donna is a human dynamo. Full of energy drive and passion for community music, she has created in the last 16 weeks, one of the strongest most vibrant community drum circles in the UK and definitely the funkiest I have been in (So far)

She also records them ALL

What can I say?


To be honest I didn’t need to do any facilitation as this is a group hungry for rhythm and they know what they want.

They just wanna get a groove on….and they do.

However, it was a DrumTrek leg, so some circle time was definitely on the cards and I had lots of fun playing with this rhythmical beast of a circle.

A big shout out to Mary Cryan for her help with the circle promo and press. xxx

After the circle I had a wee chat with Mohammed, the caretaker at Springbank, the community centre that hosts the regular Humber Community Drum Circles.

Here’s what he had to say.

Another load in with help from Donna’s fab team (Thanks Cath and Paula) and back to Donna’s for a bit of nosh, a natter and some well needed kip.

Manchester next stop. Bring it on.

Mileage today: 141

Cumulative: 1837

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