DrumTrek Day 12

I began the morning with a cup of coffee and a good ol natter with Patricia McMahon and Debbie Beirne who had stopped off in Hebden Bridge en route to Holyhead to catch a ferry over the water to Ireland. Safe home girls.

Then I visited The Juju Lounge and had a fabulous massage from Emma Leeming. Highly recommend this lovely lady. She really knows what she is doing. Thanks Em xxx

A quick mooch about Hebden and then back to Windsor Road for a late morning meditation before packing up to hit the road to Lancaster and this evenings leg of the DrumTrek.

The venue was Swains Head Hall Farm, a stunning location in the Lancashire hills. We were blessed with stunning weather to match the location. Hay bales for seating and the usual mix of kit and we were ready to roll.


Helen and Kenny own the farm and along with Aid and Kaz had been the organisers/promoters for this leg of the Trek. Kaz was unable to make the gig due to s poorly child. (Hope she gets well soon Kaz and thanks for all your efforts).

Thanks to all for their work in putting this evening together.

Aid is a fellow Rhythmatist and the main driving force behind Drum Machine.

Here are the band in action. Awesome stuff.

Adam and Lou ( an old friend from Samba days) rocked up with the cool tentage you see in the photo above.

Thanks guys. Their kit is available for hire. (I’ll link when Adam connects up)

The circle was populated by beginner drummers and some players with more experience. Everyone was linked up from the start, great listening, loads of space and funky grooves. The setting and stunning weather only added to the positive vibes and the time we sspent together vanished in a blink of an eye.

It was a real joy of a circle and I had a ball. We had fun exploring all the circle sounds including boomwhackers facilitated by fellow DCF Steve Hignett. Thanks mate.

I think we could have easily played on for another hour but I have a school day tomorrow then a drive to Hull early evening for the next leg of DrumTrek…so I was the party pooper tonight.

Sorry folks.

One more night in Hebden tonight and I hit the road again to visit Donna Smith’s Humber Circle , then on to Manchester, Sheffield and Stainsby Festival at the weekend.

What a journey it has been so far.

Mileage Today: 60

Cumulative: 1696



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