DrumTrek Day 11

DrumTrek  Brighouse was only a short hop from Hebden Bridge, which is acting as my kind of base camp for the few gigs within spitting distance. Because of that I had a lie in and a slow morning meditating and doing my stretching routine.

I had agreed to do an afternoon drum circle session with 6 classes, combined into 3 groups and so after a cup of coffee at my fave haunt in Hebden, Cafe Solo, I set off and was in place and set up to run 3 sessions from 1.15pm to 3.00pm. Here we are ready to go.


The sessions went very well considering the kids had been in school all day because of rain and were a tad stir crazy!!! The school is in an area that might be described as struggling economically but it is a very creatively managed environment.( Thanks to Mrs Dear!!!) Check the artwork hanging in the school corridors.


I showed them some basic DCF body language and played a few rhythmical games in preparation for the evening family circle during the sessions. They did well in picking it up.

Families showed up at 6.00pm and we ran a circle for an hour so the kids could get to bed in time for a good night’s sleep before school tomorrow. About 30 folks turned up and we played some nice solid grooves and did a boomwhacker piece that we filmed.

Everyone had a fun time and we were done. Here is what an outside visitor to the school who came for  the circle said.

Please tell Nessa I was really impressed with the kids at her school, they were so bright, engaged and enthusiastic. A credit to the school.

John and Jane Mooney made their second DrumTrek appearance, a record methinks.( Later to be broken by said Mrs Dear)

Thanks for your continued support xxx

Huge thanks to Vanessa Dear for organising and to the Field Lane PFA for their generous donation to DrumTrek.

As we were packing up two friends from Ireland, Debbie Beirne and Patricia McMahon, arrived having driven all the way from DrumCamp and dealt with inclement weather and traffic jams. Sorry gals 😦

We went out and grabbed a bit to eat and had a catch up before we all headed off for a good night’s kip.

Next stop Lancaster.

Mileage today: 25

Cumulative: 1636

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