DrumTrek Day 9

I awoke on a sunny morning at the Dear Tribe residence in Hebden Bridge on Windsor Road. Easy start to the day with a relaxing breakfast with Nessa.

On the road at midday and heading for The Bombed Out Church in Liverpool.


We met up with Robert Goux, our man on the ground and were warmly welcomed by The Bombed Out team, Ambrose, Ash and friends. We opted to set up on the stage space and we soon had willing drummers jamming out cool beats.

A friend of Robs turned up to make a film ( can’t wait to see it Zoe) to go along with my GoPro footage.

Nice mixture of kids, adults, beginners and more experienced players.

Ambrose was the man responsible for setting up and running the legends that were Urban Strawberry Lunch and has been pivotal  in the regeneration of the Church as a CIC. (Community Interest Company) Check out USL below.

Robert and myself shared the DCF load and we had a ball. Rob graduated from Arthur’s training last year and is doing amazing work in the city with Heartbeat Community, all without a van!!!

Taxi for Rob 🙂

The 2 hours passed very quickly, always a sign that fun is being had. I even found time for a nice cup of Tea 🙂

All in all a fab wee circle. Check it out.

After the drumming we went for some top nosh at Leaf, one of Liverpool’s trendy eateries and then headed back to Hebden for  bit of down time, blogging and video editing.

Hebden Bridge circle on the morrow so not far to go for a change.

Mileage Today: 116

Cumulative: 1613

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