DrumTrek Day 8

I began the morning with a sleep in…a rare treat. Slowly got into the day with meditation, breakfast and listening to a bit of Test Match Special on the radio (The Ashes series has just begun)

I said goodbye to Newcastle and headed South towards Wakefield. Along the way I stopped off to visit Durham Cathedral. Here’s a few snaps.


I arrived in Wakefield in plenty of time, grabbed a bite to eat and then met Tracey and Brenda, my local organisers.

We set the room up for the 20 or so peeps who had booked and had just drums to start with.Once everyone had arrived we hit the ground running.

Culturally specific experience from the Nomad drummers led by Luke Howell and regular DC goers/facilitators Steve Hill, Demetri Dourambeis, Vanessa Dear, Ian and Lesley Addison in the circle, gave it a really solid foundation.

We then moved into a lovely Boomwhacker piece and then did a 6/8 percussion only sequence which was tight and sweet.

A song led us into a drumming/percussion¬† finale and then we had a nice cup of tea…Yorkshire Tea….mmmmmmmmmmmm.

Here is tonight’s video edit.

Thanks to everyone who showed up to play. On to Liverpool tomorrow.

Mileage Today: 139

Cumulative: 1497


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