DrumTrek Day 6

I left Wiston thinking I had an 8 o’clock start in Carlisle and so planned to land for 7 and eat. En route I got a call about 6.30 from the organiser Nicola asking where I was as everyone was there waiting for the 7 O’clock start!!!!

Fortunately I was only 10 mins away so managed to get there about 6.45 and we got under way.

wild heart

The circle was hosted at Morton Manor courtesy of Iris from Friends of Chance Park

We had a small but perfectly formed circle and did some nice drum grooves before we put together a nice 1-8 percussion game with added ‘optional’ sounds.

We boomwhacked and then closed out with Oleyo, a song I learned from Tom Morley. The song built and we layered in drums and percussion to a rousing finale.

Iris then gave me a tour of the Manor and the grounds, a project that has received lottery funding. It’s an amazing place and somewhere I recommend you visit.

Nicola and her partner Terry are hosting me for the night and I get to stay in the caravan in their front garden. Luxury.

Here’s our wee vid from the session.

Mileage Today: 67

Cumulative: 1148

School workshop in the morning and a 0630am start so it’s goodnight from me xxx

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