DrumTrek Day 5

What a day!!! I landed home at Wiston last night, blogged and edited videos and slept a sleep filled with drums and rhythm. I awoke, meditated and stretched, a new daily habit which is interestingly coinciding with the worst neck pain I have ever had. Just what you need when you are driving, drumming and loading in and out everyday.

Cranial-sacral booked for the morning so fingers and toes crossed.

Today there were two circles both held in a marquee on the camping field. The first at 1.30-2.30pm, was a link up with long time Wiston visitors Tinto Summer School


Tinto Summer Schools are a much-loved series of residential schools in traditional music for high school age (12-18)that have been coming to Wiston for many a moon.

So, a drum circle with a group of musicians.

Could be tasty huh?

It was. Great listening, very connected playing and some amazing vocal work. I struggled to edit the hour session down to the 3 or 4 mins I have been uploading and so there’s a whole 10 minutes.

Well worth a look.

A big thanks to Simon Thoumire, Paul Murray and Meg Beresford for making this possible.

Later in the day at 5.30pm we had an open community drum circle which was attended by 50 or so people. It rocked. Seriously. I could upload the whole hour but it would take forever and it has been so hard to edit down to just 11 mins but I hope it gives a flavour of the evening.

This was a circle full of amazing energy and support and it felt like a wave of pure goodness was washing over us all.

Wiston is obviously very dear to me and it seems to a lot of other folk too.

Nights like tonight make you believe you can achieve anything.

The vision is unfolding.

Festivals, Carnivals, Theatre, Music, Dance, Song.

We will become a Centre for the Arts in South Lanarkshire.

Watch this space.

Thank You Meg Beresford and Wendy Johnstone for promo and good vibes.

We make a great team.

Tatty Bye for now Wiston.

See you in August. xxx

No Miles Driven Today


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