DrumTrek Day 4

July 6th 2015

What a busy day today. I landed in Glasgow last night after the Edinburgh gig and stopped with my very dear friend Dr Jane Bentley. We chilled and chatted and I did some video blogging and then hit the sack for a very good nights sleep.

I spent a lazy morning doing stretches, meditation and playing my guitar.

At 12.30 we were at Kinning Park, Glasgow to set up for our 1pm circle. Glasgow is a second home for me outside of Wiston. I teach Rhythms of the World here every week and one of my daughters lives here. There were a good few students from my regular study class at the circle. Good solid rhythm shills. We had lots of fun with Jane and myself sharing the facilitation and using all the kit: drums, percussion and boomwhackers.

This was a very solid rhythmical circle which then got an added bit of spice when two families arrived half way through. Two mums and 4 very excited kids.

kids and van

We had more fun.

The element of chaos had potentially arrived. Except it didn’t come from the kids.

Well, not the little ones 😉

My next piece of facilitation was in itself pure chaos. I began with a bass platform that wasn’t really a platform and it went downhill from there.

My complete mis-reading of the group. I walked out of the circle smiling, shrugging my shoulders and wondering how the hell I was going to bring it back together. Dr Jane was in awe of my mess. Deep learning 😉

I had nothing to worry about as the group self adjusted and entrained without the ‘stoopid’ facilitator. They were in self-orchestration mode. Wonderful moment.

Check out a few clips from the session.

When we had finished I was thanking folks for coming when a two drum groove started up. I turned to see two of the tiny kids jamming. When they saw me look they stopped. I asked them to start again and we used them as a platform for another groove. Then I invited them in to do a three way stop cut. It was a moment.

A van packing session followed ( it never goes in the same way twice!!!) Everyone helps…always.

Once the van was loaded a  neck and shoulder massage was offered by one of my regular Rhythms of the World students Fi and gratefully accepted by me.  I had been having some trouble with my neck pre Trek and the constant driving and loading in and out was taking a toll. Much relief was gained. Thank You that lovely lady. On top of that she presented me with a gift. A beautifully crafted LAZART hand.

Attached were these words.

“I have made my mark and it will endure long after I am gone. To primitive man the hand was his personalised signature. The hand is universally symbolic of peace, strength and friendship. It also represents a warm and inviting welcome” DrumTrek 2015

It now sits on my dashboard. Sorry Lego Nelson 😦 I’ll find another spot for you.

I hit the road again heading South towards Moffat for an evening circle. It was chucking down by the time I got there.

My host Peter Dreghorn was there and full of smiles and positivity. “They’ll come” he said. “We will achieve critical mass”

We did. Some 35 folks came out in the rain and we had a beautiful 90 minute expression of community music. Kids to grandparents all locking into wonderful grooves and songs all night long. Fantastic. There was a facilitator present from a UK training back in the day who helped out with some solid and steady grooves and a couple of ‘listening’ drummers too to add some experience to the mix.

There was one young boy who wasn’t having any of it though, and fair play to him…he sat through the whole circle and refused my every effort to engage him.

I was out-stubborned.

You’ll spot him at the end of the video.

There is a pattern emerging with the Trek. I arrive at my pace of rest in the evening buzzing with energy. Too much to sleep. So I write a blog, edit videos and then it’s 1.00 am. Tonight as I write I know I will not post. Two videos is too much. This will be done in the morning. Late nights are not too much of an issue generally because there are not too many early starts but it is light early and I have to watch my energy levels being a natural night owl.

I am seeking balance all along the way though. Good learning.

Miles today: 84

Cumulative: 1081

Wiston Lodge home leg next stop.




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