DrumTrek Day 3

I waved goodbye to my hosts and set off for a stunning morning drive across The Isle of Skye.


Further beauty was encountered all the way across the Highlands as I wove my way towards Edinburgh. The land is singing me a strong and powerful song to ease me along my road.

I set off at 7am and landed at 2.30pm. Long  drive. Shoulders feeling the pace of the miles traveled these last few days.

Our original Edinburgh venue was repossessed a few days ago and so the local team of James, Mowley Chris and Milk did a great job of pulling the gig together and found a lovely Parish Church Centre in a very lovely part of the City.

As often happens we had just finished set up when the first drummers arrived…before too long we were 20 or so strong and a good mix of experience and novice players.

We pulled together some nice grooves using drums and then similar with percussion.

One of the participants was Bruno Ashley, ( Bruce NCUBE) teacher and singer extraordinaire from Zimbabwe who came along with Stuart Dunwoodie, an Edinburgh based drum and dance teacher and a very fine and sensitive player.

Between them they led a lovely song which you can hear part of in the video clip below along with some of the latter stages of the drumming.

A very lovely circle. Thank You Edinburgh.

Blog done. Time for some shut eye. Night folks. x

Mileage Today : 294

Cumulative: 997


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