DrumTrek Day 1


It has begun. After two days of winding my way North from Wiston via Loch Inver ( 412 miles) to John o’Groats through some of Scotland’s finest scenery I set off this morning in a deep Haar, on the first leg of DrumTrek.

The journey Southward was breathtaking and I witnessed Deer, Red Kite and an inversion across the ocean…as if the sky was sat on top of the sea.

The sun was shining and all was well in the world. I have some nice gopro footage from the drive and I think I’ll hold on to that and do a road video at the end of the Trek.

I arrived at Forres and met up with local organiser, drum teacher and DCF Carol Scorer, at about 2.30. We headed for the beach and some chill time…time moved fast and suddenly it was 5.35…we grabbed some food and set of for the venue for Leg 1, The Hinterland Shelter at Findhorn.

Huge thanks go to Jonathan Caddy for the use of this beautiful space.


Watch out for a Hinterland Group Fundraising Community Circle later in the year at Findhorn. An amazing project.

So to the circle. Vibrant, rhythmical, connected and joyous. We had a ball. Drumming grooves including 6/8 to kick off with!!! What a drum call!!! Boomwhacker magic and singing  and drumming a Senegalese song as a 4 part round.

Lovely moment with a young girl who though it was all too loud. Brought in Boomwhackers, told her it was especially for her and then I pretend told everyone off for making too much noise. We did  a lovely piece and she got to do the stop cut.

I asked her if she was happy. She beamed a big yes.

“Can we drum now?” I queried.


She joined us on the drums and stayed until the end when she asked if she could do the stop cut again.

How could I refuse.

Adults and children. Players and novices. Pure community drumming bliss. Perfect beginning.

So tomorrow ( well today actually…it’s 00.50 am) it’s the Isle of Skye…a reload of the van may be required before setting off…I have too much kit…I know…so a reordering to allow me to access a good mix without emptying the whole shebang every time…good learning.

Thank You Carol, Jonathan and everyone who showed up. I loved it.

Mileage Today : 150

Cumulative Miles ( inc Pre Trek) : 562

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