A consignment of kit from the lovely folk at REMO landed here at Wiston Lodge this week. It’ll serve it’s main function as our UK Playshop kit for future trainings and for Mentoring support but will also have an outing on my upcoming DrumTrek.

I may even be persuaded to part company during the Trek with some of the new fantabulous kit in exchange for a) Hard Cash b) Hard Cash or c) Hard Cash, all of which will find it’s way into the DONATIONS BOX.

I have finally managed to rearrange the interior space of the vehicle ( know from here on in as BOB) and fit in all the shiny new kit in alongside selected items from my Rhythmbridge kit.

So engrossed ( or possibly obsessed) in this activity was I, that I totally forgot to take a photo of all the new shiny playthings!!!

It’s a spatial awareness thing.

Stuff….Space….Fit….Hours of fun!!!

But no photo.

Numpty!!! (For those of you not living in Scotland the rough translation is Numpty!!!)

However in the best tradition of Drum Circle Facilitators I can now announce that ‘I meant that’ ( See Arthurian cover your ass techniques 101)

You will see why when the next bout of fine weather comes our way and I unleash my creative vision upon you. Until then you will just have to wonder. What is he up to now?

A huge Thanks to Gary Mann and John Fitzgerald from REMO and to Scott and the team at EMD

More news on the support front to follow shortly…irons in fires and all that…..and some potentially exciting stuff….watch this space.

Keep the Donations coming folks….it’s getting exciting.

Luv n peas

Paul xxx

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