Drum Trek:Update

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Hey All…I am busy with online sponsorship set up….watch this space….As for the route it is starting to take shape…so far the following are confirmed locations with an LO (Local Organiser) on the ground…..Just a few spots to firm up…we’ll get there or find another location…as for current LO’s…hang fire a wee bit longer…I’ll be in touch with a full info pack to help you with any questions venues or you might have….just want to sort the last few LO’s so I can address everyone as a team then. I’ll be in touch soon.

In the meantime please share the website address and the Facebook page ( on the right…over there>>>>>>>) Twitter will follow soon….

Paul xxx

July 3rd Forres/Findhorn- LO- Carol Scorer

July 4th Isle Of Skye- LO- Maria Elisa Pellata

July 5th Edinburgh- LO- Chris Mowley/ James Chapman

July 6th Glasgow- LO- Jane Bentley

July 7th  Wiston Lodge- LO -Meg Beresford

July 8th  Carlisle -LO -Nicola Didsbury

July 9th Newcastle Upon Tyne- LO- Simon Wood

July 10th Wakefield-LO-Brenda Saunders

July 11th Liverpool- LO- Robert Goux

July 12th Hebden Bridge-LO-Brian Toberman

July 13th Brighouse-LO-Vanessa Dear

July 14th Morecombe-LO-Kaz McKnight/Ade

July 15th Hull- -LO-Donna Smith/Mary Cryan

July 16th Manchester-LO-Johnny Hodgkinson

July 17th Sheffield-LO-Steve Rivers

July 18th Stainsby Festival- LO- The Festival

July 19th Stainsby Festival-LO- The Festival

July 20th Nottingham- LO- Barry Wakefield

July 21st Birmingham -LO- Tim Birks-Kindred

July 22nd Newtown-LO-Satch Norton

July 23rd Swansea-LO- Boyd Erlam

July 24th Pewsey-LO-Alex Miles

July 25th London-LO-Tom Morley

July 26th London -LO- Ray Watters

July 27th Brighton-LO- Rupert James Morgan

July 28th Lands End-LO- Jo Eccleston

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